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At Anderson & NcNair General Contracting, we offer contracting services that rang from custom homes to grading and excavation. Combining the experience of Anderson Family Homes and site contractor David McNair, we’ve been in the business of making dreams come true for over 40 years. We offer professional contracting services that includes custom-built homes, log cabins, eco paneling, grading and excavation, finance consulting, landscaping, and more!

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Homes Built Just For You

Created with your needs in mind, we'll work together to design your new home. We'll sit down with you to figure out what your vision is and help bring it to life. You can also browse through our floor plans to find something you like, and then make modifications to ensure you're getting exactly what you want. Building a custom home is the right option for folks who are building on a unique piece of land or that want to build specific to a great view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Custom Home 1
Custom Home 2
Custom Home 3

Log Cabins

Partnering with Honest Abe Log Homes we offer energy-efficient, custom log homes, log cabins and timber frame houses in a variety of styles and sizes. The Eastern White Pine trees Honest Abe has chosen for its homes come from several states in the Southeast region of the United States, which means we aren't dependent on just one forest area. The Douglas Fir trees used in the manufacturing of our roof rafters come from the Northwest and are known for their strength and durability. Using these wood species, combined with several others, Honest Abe provides a very green product. Browse through our large selection of floor plans to find the right home for you. 

Log Cabin Construction
Log Cabin Construction
Log Cabin Construction

Eco Panels

Eco-panelsEco-Panels are the most advanced and integrated panelized building solution on the market today, providing a stronger, safer, and significantly more energy-efficient building solution. With continuously insulated single-piece corner panels and a quick-connect cam-lock joining solution, the Eco-Panels building system eliminates many of the opportunities for error associated with traditional methods of construction. Eco-Panels helps to eliminate much of the time and guesswork associated with proper framing and insulation techniques by connecting together quickly on the job site to provide a strong, safe, and efficient thermal envelope for your home or commercial building.

Grading & Excavation

At Anderson McNair we offer a full array grading and excavation services to complement our beautiful homes. Nothing is more important on a new home project than starting with excellent grade work. We ensure that all water is turned away from the home. Being the builder and the grader we shoot all grades prior to cutting the house seat so that we know how deep the foundation cut needs to be. No guessing here. Co-owner David McNair comes from an engineering background and has extensive knowledge in all types of grading and site work. He currently carries a Heavy Highway License, Public Utility License, and a Commercial General Contracting License. Company veteran and 14-year employee Eric Gibson is the lead track hoe operator and is a master at creating a beautifully sculpted site.

Grading and Excavation

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Alice H:

"We contracted with Anderson McNair of which Brian was the co-owner to build our home in Waynesville on a mountain in 2008. He and his workers built a spectacular 5,000+ sq. ft home on the side of a mountain. He focuses on details of the job making sure that everything gets done in a quality way. Before we agreed for him to build our house, he showed us many examples of his work in houses that were in various stages of completion. We have lived in our house for 7.5 years and have no regrets about the job that was done by Brian Anderson."

Marsha P:

"Oh my god!! I am sooooooo thrilled with everything!! I love, love, love the kitchen and my sink.  It’s BEAUTIFUL!! The floor is more than I expected.  I love the colors on the floor.  Gorgeous!! The cabinets in the MB is beyond what I wanted.  I am so so happy with the house.  Thank you, Thank you. I’ve told Gary that we won the gold at the bottom of the rainbow, when we got and trusted you as our builder for our retirement home.  Also, the doors that you picked out is exactly what I wanted.  Thank you, Brian!! Oh, I forgot about the outside of the house…Gutters are PERFECT!!!  Love the color!"

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